How to change the default IIS port for your server website

This article explains how to change the port 80 that comes with a default Gpsgate installation.

In a default installation, your GpsGate server uses the following URL:


This guide will show you how to change this, for example to : http(s)://yourserverURL:8082/gpsgateserver

How to modify the port

1. Open your IIS Manager typically located under Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

2. Click on the Default Website, and the Bindings option will be displayed.

If you use a custom URL path, clicking on your custom website will also display this option.


3. Click now on Edit


4. Modify the binding port, for example, 8082


The new port is now set.

5. Go to MySQL command line Client


6. Enter your MySQL database password. In a default GpsGate installation, you can find the password in the setup process.

Verify the installation steps for more details.


7. Type

use gpsgateserver and hit ENTER.


8. Type the following command:

update settings set value_data = 8082 where value_name = 'HTTP_PUSH_PORT';


9. Restart Franson NMEA service.

Now your website could be access from the new port: