How to modify the URL path of your GpsGate login page on IIS

In a default installation, GpsGate uses the following URL:


This guide will show you how to change this, so you can access GpsGate with the following path: http(s)://yourserverURL

Changing the default URL

1. Open your IIS Manager typically located under Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

2. Remove the Default Web Site


3. Create a new site


4. Enter a Site name and search for the IIS path located by default in C:\GpsGateServer\IIS

Leave the default port 80. If you need to change the default port, read here.

Click on OK when done.


It will finally look like this:


Now you should be able to access your site using the direct server IP or DNS name without the /GpsGateServer in the URL.