How to modify the URL path of your GpsGate login page on IIS

In a default installation, your GpsGate server uses the following URL:


This guide will show you how to change this, so you can access GpsGate with the following path: http(s)://yourserverURL

Changing the default URL

1. Open your IIS Manager typically located under Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

2. Remove the Default Web Site


3. Create a new site


4. Enter a Site name and search for the IIS path located by default in C:\GpsGateServer\IIS

Leave the default port 80. If you need to change the default port, read here.

Click on OK when done.


It will finally look like this


Now you should be able to access your site using the direct server IP or DNS name without the /GpsGateServer in the URL.