How to modify the URL path of your GpsGate login page on IIS

By default, your GpsGate server can be accessed under the following URL


If you want to modify the path to just http://yourServer/, follow these steps

1. Open your IIS Manager.

Click on Start and then type IIS.

You can also access this console from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

2. Remove the Virtual Directory GpsGateServer on the Default Web Site tree

3. Create a new site at the same level of Default Web Site by clicking Add Website

4. Input a Site name and fill out any relevant information for your site.

On the Physical path, locate the IIS files of your GpsGate Server installation, typically on C:\GpsGateServer\IIS

Leave the default port 80 for the new site unless you have different requirements in your organization.

Click on OK when done.

5. As we're assigning this new directory to the default port 80, select YES in this option. 

6. Stop the service for the old location

7. Start the service for the new location of your website

Now you should be able to access your site using the direct server IP/DNS name without /GpsGateServer