Log in using environment application

GpsGate Splitter supports using an environment variable such as a username when logging in to the server. The environment variable %USERNAME% contains the username of the Active Directory login so it can be used as a link.

This only works when running GpsGate Splitter as an application, and not when running GpsGate Splitter as a Windows Service. Tracking will start when a user logs into the laptop. Tracking will be logged via the user and not on the vehicle.

Here are all of the steps:

* Setup GpsGate Client *

1. Open the Settings dialog for GpsGate Client.
2. Go to Advanced.
3. Make sure you click Show more options
4. Check Share settings for all user accounts
5. Go to Input. Set the input you need.
6. Go to Outputs. Set the outputs you need.
7. Make sure you have one output that sends data to GpsGate.
8. Set username to "hello" to + password that must be the same for all clients.

* Edit the .ggxml file to use %USERNAME%

1. Open the file C:\Program Files\Franson\GpsGate 2.0\Instances\Default\ActiveOutput\com.gpsgate.output.chain.X.ggxml (where "X" can be any number)
2. Change "hello" to %USERNAME%

Before: <CustomData name="Username" type="string">hello</CustomData>
After: <CustomData name="Username" type="string">%USERNAME%</CustomData>

3. Save the file.
4. Restart GpsGate Splitter.

Now GpsGate Splitter will try to log in to GpsGate using the Active Directory username + the password you set earlier.

* Register username in GpsGate *

1. Log in to GpsGate.
2. Add new User.
3. Select "Laptop" as the user type.
4. Enter the Active Directory username and Name.
5. Enter the common password
6. Save.

Now the laptop can log in using the registered Active Directory username in GpsGate.


The password needs to be the same for all GpsGate Splitter users.