Use Garmin as an input device

This article describes how to connect GpsGate Splitter with a Garmin device to be used as an input.

The Garmin trackers only support Garmin’s own protocol. Therefore very few GPS applications can use Garmin USB GPS receivers. With GpsGate Splitter you can connect with a Garmin USB GPS and GpsGate will make the Garmin GPS appear as a normal NMEA GPS connected to a serial port. Additionally, you can connect any number of GPS applications to the GPS at the same time, including nRoute.

Detecting Garmin GPS using the Wizard

The easiest way to detect a Garmin GPS is to use the Setup Wizard. If you have already run the Wizard you can do it again by opening the Settings dialog and click Setup Wizard…

Manually detecting a Garmin USB GPS

1. Open the Settings dialog from the tray menu.


2. Select Garmin COM / Garmin to NMEA from the drop-down.


3. Click Open and choose a port and baud rate.


If the GPS is connected and everything is working, then the GpsGate icon will turn yellow or green.

Read GpsGate Splitter status guide for more information.