GpsGate Splitter Setup

Read on to learn how to configure GpsGate Splitter.

1. Open GpsGate Splitter from your windows menu.


2. Keep the following options activated to start searching for a compatible device and click on Next.


3. Wait until the search has finished.


4. When your device has been found, click on ok to continue.


*If you see this screen instead of the 'device found! notification', click on Advanced setup...


5. On this screen, select which output you want to use, and then click Next


6. Summary screen

The next screen displays a summary. It is important to save this summary. You can save it to a file and print it. You can also find this information later in the Settings dialog (from the tray menu).

You connect Garmin applications like nRoute to the first port in the list and other NMEA applications
to the remaining ports. You can only connect one application to one port at a time. If you need to create more ports you can do that from the Settings Dialog at any time.


Now you can start your GPS applications and connect them to the ports created by GpsGate in the last step above. You can run all of your GPS applications at the same time!

When GpsGate is running, it is displayed as a tray Icon. By clicking on this icon you can access its 


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