Run as a Windows Service

Running GpsGate as a service means that no user needs to be logged into the computer for GpsGate Splitter to run. GpsGate will start up at boot and run in the background for all users that logs in.

Configure GpsGate service

When GpsGate is started as a service it cannot be configured. You need to start GpsGate as an EXE to configure it. After you are happy with its configuration you can start GpsGate as a service.

When running as a service GpsGate Splitter must be using shared settings Share settings for all user accounts must be selected in the Advanced tab of the Settings dialog. 


Also, note that you can copy settings between different computers by copying the Instances folder.

Start GpsGate service

Make sure GpsGate Splitter is not running.

Select Start menu  > Programs > Franson GpsGate 2.X > Run GpsGate as Service


Click on Start Service to activate GpsGate as a service and Stop Service to deactivate it.


The GpsGate service can also be managed from Windows Control Panel as all services can.