How to deploy GpsGate Splitter without user interaction

This guide gives some tips on how you can deploy GpsGate Splitter with predefined settings and automate the installation. This can be very handy if you make a larger deployment.


First step, we need to create a sample computer which could get all the configuration and DLL files ready. Then we can use the installed files and create a package for the future installation. 

On the sample computer, we should do  

1. Install the main program. You can download GpsGate Splitter here.

2. Install the SplitterPlugin if you need to enable the Windows Location API. You can download GpsGate Splitter plugin here.

3. Verify if the installed GpsGate Splitter could work. 

4. If yes, then let's prepare the files for the installation without user interaction.

Deploy Splitter without user interaction

Create a deploy folder for collecting all the required files. 


Download the GpsGate Splitter and put it in the deploy folder 

You can download GpsGate Splitter here.

To install GpsGate Splitter in silent-mode execute the following command from the command prompt:

GpsGate.exe /s /v"/qn"


Copy the setting files into the deploy folder. 

If you do not use shared settings the settings files are saved to: \My Documents\GpsGate\
If you use shared settings the settings files are saved to:
C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Franson\GpsGate 2.0\

If you have a similar hardware configuration for all computers, you can most likely just copy the files you find in that folder to new installs.

There are two exceptions
1. If you use a Bluetooth GPS as input
2. If you use different COM port configuration on each computer.

For the two latter cases, some special care needs to be taken.


Export the following registry key

If you would like to use shared settings, and save it as UseSharedSettings.reg file. If there is no key for this setting, you can create one and export it.

DWORD: UseSharedSettings = 1


Collect Splitter Plugin DLL for enabling Windows Location API if required

Copy all the DLLs from C:\Program Files (x86)\Franson\GpsGate Splitter Plugins to the deploy folder. 

GpsGate.Splitter.Plugins.dll is a ActiveX component developed in .NET 4. It can be registered like this:
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm /codebase GpsGate.Splitter.Plugins.dll

Copy com.gpsgate.windowslocationapi.chain.ggxml from C:\Program Files (x86)\Franson\GpsGate 2.0\Chains\ and put it into the deploy folder. 


License key

For larger installations we can provide pre-licensed versions of GpsGate, that voids the need to manually enter license keys. Contact us for more details.

Installing the virtual port driver

The Virtual Port driver is not installed until you run GpsGate for the first time with a virtual port set as output, and it must be run by a user with admin rights the first time. (This is not the case in normal install).

You can automate this by running GpsGateXP.exe from the command prompt after the installation steps above. 

Create a bat file for batch running all commands

Sample script to install and run GpsGate Splitter as a Service

Here is a sample batch file which installs GpsGate silently, activates settings, and starts GpsGate as service:

REM install GpsGate
GpsGate.Splitter /s /v"/qn"

REM Reg to use shared settings
regedit /s UseSharedSettings.reg

REM copy config.
md "C:\Program Files\Franson\GpsGate 2.0\Instances"
xcopy default "C:\Program Files\Franson\GpsGate 2.0\Instances\Default" /S /I /Y

REM register service
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Franson\GpsGate 2.0\GpsGateService.exe" /service

REM register plugin
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm /codebase GpsGate.Splitter.Plugins.dll

copy com.gpsgate.windowslocationapi.chain.ggxml "C:\Program Files (x86)\Franson\GpsGate 2.0\Chains\"

REM set service to start at boot time.
sc config "Franson GpsGate 2.0" start= auto

REM Start service
net start "Franson GpsGate 2.0"



You can access GpsGate under Start > Programs > Franson GpsGate

For simpler license key handling, you should request a pre-licensed version of GpsGate from