How to remove GpsGate from your system

To remove the GpsGate application completely from your system, follow these steps:


1. Run C:\GpsGateInstall\Install.exe (as Administrator) and select Uninstall option. 


If this folder is not accessible, remove the GpsGate program from your Windows Programs and Features tool in Control Panel.


2. Delete the folder C:\GpsGateInstall if exists.

3. Delete the folder C:\GpsGateServer folder.

Now the GpsGate software is uninstalled. 

Database uninstallation

Even if you uninstalled GpsGate, the database wizard does not remove the user's files by default. 

To uninstall the database completely, follow these steps:

1. Access gpsgateserver database.

2. Execute "drop database GpsGateServer;" to drop the database.


Additional notes

If you can't access your database in step 2, (e.g. no access to the root user), simply uninstall MySQL from Windows Programs and Features tool in Control Panel, and remove the files under C:\ProgramData\MySQL.