Troubleshooting odometer issues


Possible problems

  • The tracks distances are too high or do not look real on the Tracks Panel
  • After changing the device odometer the GUI and the report still showing the same distance


  • There are two types of odometers in GpsGate: the device odometer and the server odometer.
  • Not all GPS trackers have a built-in odometer.
  • If your device is compatible with its own odometer, you can select it in the Device Mapper of that device.
  • If no device odometer is selected, the default server odometer will be used. 
  • Odometers are used in Event Rules, certain reports such as Trip and Idle, Dashboards.



  • If you change the odometer, you need to reprocess your tracking data to recalculate the values.
  • If you have changed the default odometer setting from the Device Mapper, verify you receive the right Odometer values looking into the Status panel or by analyzing the terminal.