Troubleshooting Tracker SMS registration

This article shows the most common cases when problems are presented when activating the Android Tracker via SMS and how to solve them. 


  • When I try to send a Quick Registration from the server it tells me that the service is not configured.

Make sure that you are logged into as an Site Admin to the application. Go to Site Admin > Devices > Listeners. Find the GpsGate Protocol over TCP/IP row and open the Listener, click on the button Test connection  to perform a firewall test on the TCP port of your GpsGate platform.

  • My Quick Registration SMS does not arrive.

The SMS will be sent to the phone number you specified in the + User form. If it does not arrive, please check that the phone number was correct and entered in the described format.

  • I changed the phone number of an Android device in GpsGate and it can’t connect.

If your device cannot connect after changing the phone number, remove the App ID of the device, and click save. You should now be able to connect.

  • My Quick Registration SMS does not work.

Make sure that you have updated the GpsGate Tracker app to the latest version from the Google Play Store and then try again.