iOS tracker troubleshooting

This guide shows some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the iOS tracker usage and how to answer/solve these problems.

  • Error message: Could not connect to the server. Please check your connection settings.

a. If you are using a GpsGate hosted server, verify you're using the server's DNS name instead of the IP address.

b. Check if your identifier from the user in the Vehicle Tracker application matches the identifier in your App.

c. This error message could also happen due to a temporary bug in the iOS app. You can fix it by following these steps.

  • When the screen is off or the phone is paused, the phone does not register my tracks or movements.

Verify-in your iPhone that you have the following option activated in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Tracker > Always

This allows the app to run in the background even when the phone is locked. The app will only save new coordinates if the option GPS tracking is On.

From iOS 13, if you receive this warning, select Always Allow.


  • I want to change the way iOS tracker register my tracks (modify the default General profile). Is it possible to modify the default parameters?

Yes. Follow this guide to change the way a new position is recorded.

  • I don't see the QR code when registering my device.

To see it, you can edit the user:

Then select Device 1 > Register tracker and scan the code again with your phone

  • iOS tracker is not able to connect to the server, despite using QR code to link the device or having all the server parameters correct set in the application and in the app.

Error message: Could not connect to the server. Please check your connection settings.


Solution: open the Edit User window in Vehicle Tracker, and then just Save the user.

No modification of the user's data is needed.