iOS tracker troubleshooting

This guide shows some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the iOS tracker usage and how to answer/solve these problems.

Tracking option

In iOS 16 onwards, enable Tracking option to allow the app to reach the GPS capabilities of the iOS device.

Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking


More info about this security measure in Apple's documentation.

Device-Server connection issues

Could not connect to the server. Please check your connection settings.

  • If you are using a GpsGate Cloud, verify you're using the server's DNS name (e.g. instead of the IP address.
  • Check if the device identifier from the user properties in the desktop application matches the identifier in the Tracker app.

Device location-related issues

When the screen is off or the phone is paused, the phone does not register my tracks or movements.

  • Verify your iOS device privacy settings under Settings  > Privacy > Location Services > Tracker
  • Always and Precise location must be selected.


in iOS 14 onwards, you find these settings under Settings > Tracker, it should look like this:


"Tracker" has been using your location in the background...

From iOS 13 onwards, you might receive this warning occasionally. This is a security measure of iOS, and can't be avoided.

  • Select the Always Allow option in order to continue the tracker to run in the background.


Tracking profile related issues

The iOS tracker uses the following General default profile that is set for optimal battery saving:

- Tracker time interval: 60 seconds

- Tracker distance: 400 meters

- Tracker direction change: 30 degrees

- Upload throttle: 0 seconds (no throttle)

  • To change the iOS tracker profile settings follow this guide.

Note: any change on the default General profile will have an impact on the battery consumption of the device.

Remove accumulated old tracking data

If you want to remove old saved data from your device, shake the device until DBG (debug) option shows up.


Now select Delete All


Note: use this option at your own risk. The data removed is not recoverable from the device.