Tracker for iOS

With our official GpsGate iOS Tracker app, you can use your iOS devices as trackers to report to GpsGate.


Note: to use this app, you need an iOS device that has built-in GPS in it.

1. Download the app

Download the app on your iPhone or iPad by scanning the QR code below using the Camera app of your phone.


2. Configure the app

2.1 Open the iOS Tracker app settings


2.2. Enter the details of your server below:



  • Protocol: select the appropriate server protocol (use HTTPS if your sever has this feature. Read more about HTTPS here).
  • Host/IP: type the hostname or IP address of your server. Preferably, use the DNS name if your server has this feature (e.g. instead of the IP address.
  • Port: the is 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS). Read more about HTTPS here.
  • IIS name: blank by default.
  • Identifier: this is the user identifier, corresponds to the field Tracker App ID (on the Device page in the user properties in the web UI). This number should be unique for the whole server. You can input it manually, and it should match the one for the user in the desktop application.

3. Create the user

Follow the Adding devices to GpsGate guide to add a Device user type for your iOS device.

  1. Create a new Device :
  • Device Hardware: iOS
  • Tracker App ID: is the one which is been created and added to the Tracker app.IMG_6492.jpg


    2.   Setup the username of the device and display name for the device:


      3. Save the device

Now the Tracker application should be connected:



Problems with the iOS tracker app?

Please, read our troubleshooting guide for iOS tracker first to answer some of the most common problems reported using the app.