GpsGate Tracker for Android

With the Tracker Android app it is possible to use your Android phone as a tracker.

This setup requires a phone number in your Android device. If you want to use Android Tracker with a device without mobile phone capabilities, use this guide instead. 

Download the app

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device google_play_logo.png

2. Download our app. You have two versions to choose from:

Branded version Unbranded version
Use this version if you want to use GpsGate brand. Use this version if you prefer a white-labelled application.
Download Download


Application setup

1. Login to your Application

2. We will assign a User of the type Device to be used with the Android tracker app.

If you have a user created already, skip to the next step.

If you don't have a user created click + User

3. Select the Android device type and input your Phone number in +<CountryCode> format.

Click in Register tracker

4. Click in Send Registration


5. Click Save.


Android Phone Tracker setup

1. Open your default SMS application and click in the registration link sent in the previous steps.

2. Your default browser will open. Click in Register your tracker

3. Now the Tracker app will open. Select the option Accept to add the configuration to the app.

The Tracker App is now configured and ready to work!


Tracker status description

The Android device has GPS coverage.
The Android device has no GPS coverage or GPS position has not been stablished yet.
The connection with the server is stablished.
The connection with the server has not been stablished.

Status combined

The Android device has GPS coverage and it's reporting positions live to the server.
The Android device has GPS coverage and it's buffering positions in the device. Tracking data will be sent to the server as soon as the connectivity with the server is restored.

The Android device has GPS coverage and it's buffering positions in the device. Tracking data will be sent to the device when the option Server Connection is enabled and in green. (Use this combination if you want to save battery)



  • The tracking from my device does not seem very accurate

The Android Tracker uses resources that depend on Settings of your Android OS.

If you experience problems such as inaccurate tracking, try the options described in this guide.

  • When I try to send a Quick Registration from the server it tells me that the service is not configured

Make sure that you are logged into the SiteAdmin interface as an administrator. Go to Devices > Listeners. Find the GpsGate Protocol over TCP/IP row and click Test to perform a firewall test on the TCP port of your GpsGate server.

  • My Quick Registration SMS does not arrive

The SMS will be sent to the phone number you specified in the Add new User form. If it does not arrive, please check that the phone number was correct and entered in the described format.

  • I changed the phone number of an Android device in GpsGate Server and it can’t connect

If your device cannot connect after changing the phone number remove the App ID of the device and click save. You should now be able to connect.

  • My Quick Registration SMS does not work

Make sure that you have updated the GpsGate Tracker app to the latest version from the Google Play Store and then try again.

Alternatively, you can use the Android WIFI only activation method.


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