GpsGate Tracker for Android

With the Tracker Android app it is possible to track yourself using an Android phone. This setup requires a phone number in your Android device. 

Download the app

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device

2. Download our app. You have two versions to choose from:

 branded version: if you don't mind having the GpsGate logo in your app. Download it here.

 unbranded version: use this one if you don't want your customer to have the GpsGate logo in the app. Download it here. Read more about this version here.

Creating the Android user

Login to the Vehicle Tracker application with an Admin user and follow these steps:

1. Click + New User

2. Select the Android device type.

Add the phone number of the Android device. 
Note: This must include the country code in the format +XX.

3. Click Save to add the device.

A pop-up will ask you if you would like to use the Quick Registration service.

If you don't get the pop-up or need to resend the registration, simply Edit the user again and Click in Register tracker > Send Registration

You'll see the message that the registration has been sent

4. When you receive the notification, the app will detect it and prompt you to accept the settings. Click in Accept

The first button in the app, ”GPS Tracking” (in the English localisation) will start the device tracking it’s location and recording it. Click to turn it on.

Android Start Tracking

The second button, ”Server Connection” (in the English localisation) will connect the device to the registered GpsGate Server and start uploading the tracking information. Click to turn it on.

Android Start Uploading

As it is possible to record tracks and upload the track data separately, you can use the tracking functionality in areas where you do not want to use any of your mobile data allowance and then upload the track data later. While the app is tracking, you will see the GpsGate logo in your notifications area.





The tracking from my device does not seem very accurate

The GpsGate Tracker uses the settings on your device when reporting it’s location. If you experience inaccurate tracking try using the option Disable Power Saving to avoid the app go to standby when the screen is off.

You should also check the App permissions in your Android OS regarding battery usage and resources to ensure that it is not being limited in some way.

When I try to send a Quick Registration from the server it tells me that the service is not configured

Make sure that you are logged into the SiteAdmin interface as an administrator. Go to Devices > Listeners. Find the GpsGate Protocol over TCP/IP row and click ”Test” to perform a firewall test on the TCP port of your GpsGate server.

My Quick Registration SMS does not arrive

The SMS will be sent to the phone number you specified in the Add new User form. If it does not arrive, please check that the phone number was correct and entered in the described format.

I changed the phone number of an Android device in GpsGate Server and it can’t connect

If your device cannot connect after changing the phone number remove the App ID of the device and click save. You should now be able to connect.

My Quick Registration SMS does not work

Make sure that you have updated the GpsGate Tracker app to the latest version from the Google Play Store and then try again.

Alternatively, you can use the Android WIFI only activation method.



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