How to use the SOS feature in the Tracker app

If you want to use the SOS button and report the alert to your GpsGate Server using the mobile tracker app, follow the steps described in this guide.

This guide assumes you've already set up your mobile apps and you've added them to your Vehicle Tracker application. If you need to set up the apps, follow the links for iOS and Android.

Device Mapper setup

The first step is to map the SOS signal in the device mapper.

1. Login with an Admin user to your Vehicle Tracker application where you have the mobile users.

2. Go to Admin > Device Mappers and search for iOS or Android depending on which device will you use

3. Select 3. Mappings and use the input SosButton and map it to the variable SOS

Save your device mapper configuration.

Event Rule configuration

4. Create your event rule that supports SOS events.

SOS is now enabled!

Drivers can now use the SOS button in the Tracker app when necessary.