Cleanup deletes old history data. In this way you can keep a maximum size of your database. After installation you actively need to enable Cleanup before any data will be deleted.

Steps to Install

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to "Plugins".
3. Download and install "Cleanup".

Enable Cleanup and specify site settings

1. Go to Settings -> Cleanup
2. Set a time when you want the cleanup to run. Typically in the middle of the night.
3. Check "Enabled"
4. Set "Keep history" periods.

Session: this is how long time login information is kept. It is recommended to set this value to 1 month.
Track data: this is how long track and event history is kept.
Report data: how long you want to keep reporting data. Requires Reporting or later
Alarm closes "blinking alarms.

Application settings

You can specify a separate time period to keep data for each application.

1. Go to Application -> Cleanup
2. Select application from drop down.
3. Set period to keep data.

The application setting cannot be longer than the site setting.