System Task Panel

The GpsGate System Tasks serve as the server's terminal diagnostics window, providing a comprehensive overview of its operations. Its primary objective is to offer a detailed insight into all command statuses generated by the system. This includes essential information such as the status of scheduled reports, external notifications dispatched by event rules, or the completion status of platform cleanup tasks.

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Time Frame

Within a specified time frame, the System Tasks module gathers data on various system activities, ensuring administrators have a complete understanding of recent operations. This temporal specificity enables users to pinpoint issues or monitor progress within a defined period accurately.

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Note: If you're unable to locate a pending task impacting your system, consider extending the time frame.

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Task Status:

Delivered: The system command has been successfully executed and completed

Pending: The task has been initiated but has not yet been processed or completed by the system

Permanent failure: The system command has encountered an irrecoverable error or issue during execution.

Queued: The task is in line to be processed but is currently waiting for its turn. 

Abort task

Moreover, the System Tasks feature offers a critical functionality: the ability to abort tasks as necessary. This capability empowers administrators to intervene in ongoing processes, halting tasks that are pending or queued when required. Whether to rectify errors, adjust priorities, or address unforeseen circumstances, this option grants users greater control over system operations.

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Abort all from the device: It refers to all the same tasks to be canceled. 

Abort this only: It means to cancel the specific task only. 

For instance, if I've initiated several reports that are currently queued, and I realize that one particular report is unnecessary, I can opt to Abort this only.

On another occasion, if I urgently require a specific report that's currently in the queue, and the rest of the queued reports are no longer necessary, I can instruct the system to Abort all from device. This action effectively cancels all the previously requested reports that are no longer needed, providing the opportunity to request the specific report that is urgently required again.

Use cases:

'The customer is not getting the reports'

'The system is running too slow'

'External commands from event rules have not been sent'

1. Please go to System Task from the Main menu - Site Admin- Diagnostics - System tasks.

2. Verify the status of system task commands and abort them if required. Additionally, investigate the reasons behind any system commands that did not function correctly.

You can always open a ticket with support engineers at GpsGate.