User Actions: audit user changes in your server

User Actions feature allows auditing application's user actions (e.g.. which user has performed a change inside an application). All logged actions can be found on this page.

Enable User Actions

To enable user action follow these steps:

1. Access your application privileges and features.

2. Enable PluginsUser Actions privilege.


3. Click on Save.

Accessing User Actions

To access user actions, click on Window > User Actions


To limit the number of results, you have to enter as much information as possible in the search dialog. Select a valid search criteria and click on Search to list the matching results.


You can select the following to filter your search results:


The application where the search will be performed


The user that has performed the action


The user action category could be: Authentication, Deploy, Devices, Events, Reports, Tags, Tracks, Users


Free text field to match the action message


The time interval to search in