Create/edit geocoding configurations

This plugin enables you to create new geocoders. You may, for example, want to create a new geocoder which first checks geofences, then POIs - and as a final resort Native Map and/or Google. This is easily done using this geocoder.


1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins > Get more plugins
3. Download and install the plugin named Geocoder.

Edit and create new Geocoders

1. In Site Admin, go to Maps > Geocoder

2. Put a name for your new geocoder, then Click on New in the list of available geocoders, to the bottom right

3. Once it has been added to the list, Edit this geocoder to change its preferences

4. Select Insert every time to add the desired components in order. Save when you're done.

IMPORTANT: Notice that you should keep the Cache always as a priority to avoid overusing the geocoder. This will significantly increase performance and use fewer round trips to the external service. This is in particular important if you use a service with a limited number of geocoding requests per day like Google. Using Cache typically saves 80% of the external requests.

NOTE: Only one Cache provider per geocoder will be effective.

Enable the new geocoder in your application(s)

5. Use your new geocoder in your application. You can do this using Batch Edit or per application.

If you want to apply it only to one particular application, edit your application properties by clicking first in its name:

6. Modify Geocoding > Geocoder and select your new geocoder.

7. Click in Save to save these changes to your application.

Turn off Live Address

You can turn off Live Address for the entire server under SiteAdmin > Maps > Geocoder.

If you just want to enable/disable Live Address for specific applications use the _LiveAddress privilege. You can read more about this here.