Integrate MapTiler and OpenMapTiles raster or vector tile maps into GpsGate

With this integration method, you will be able to add your own open-source maps, like raster or vector tile based maps into GpsGate server. This guide is focused on Maptiler cloud integration. 

More info at:


  • Self hosted/cloud tiles link in JSON style format.

You can generate this file yourself (example), or use Mapbox specs that you can find here.



1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More plugins and install Mapbox plugin.

2. Go to Maps > Mapbox and paste your JSON style URL in the map_id box (leave the other empty):


3. Click on Save.

4. Go to the application privileges and features and enable Maps > _UseMapPlugin > Mapbox

5. Login to the application.

6. Select Mapbox as your map choice:

Now you can use your custom map on the application GUI.



If your tile map is particularly created for one specific region or area, to easily locate the map on the interface, type in the search box at the top-right: ...<lat>, <long> (note the 3 dots at the beginning, that should be included):

Additional notes

This method works for maptiler/openmaptiles and it might enable other vector-based maps that work similarly too. If you have feedback, please contact support for more information.