Splitter simulator

Splitter simulator is an embedded feature of the GPS Splitter that allows simulating positions, for example, to create demos, perform testing or development, and similar activities.

To show the simulator window select Simulator from the GpsGate tray icon.



The simulator will act as a GPS traveling between the waypoints in the selected speed.

1. Use the Insert, Edit and Delete buttons to edit the list of waypoints. The waypoints should be entered in decimal degrees.


2. Use the File menu to save the waypoints to a file. The file can later be reloaded using Open


3. To start the simulator click Start. NMEA data will now be sent out to the virtual serial ports you defined under SettingsTo stop the simulator click Stop


Use the settings under Advanced… to control exactly which NMEA sentences will be used and in what paste they will be sent. If you don’t know, just leave it at the default settings.