PickPoint installation

PickPoint provides a geocoding and reverse-geocoding service that can now be integrated with GpsGate Server.
See https://pickpoint.io for more information.

Steps to iInstall

1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to the  Plugins tab
3. Download and install PickPoint

Enter key and activate in application

1. Go to Site Admin  > Maps > PickPoint
2. Enter the PickPoint API key

If you do not have a PickPoint key, you need to register to get one.
PickPoint will allow you free 2500 geocode or reverse geocode requests per day for noncommercial use. You can find other subscription plans on the website if you find yourself going over this limit.

Enable PickPoint as geocoder for an application

1. Click on Applications in Site Admin menu
2. Click on the application for which you want to set PickPoint as a geocoder
3. Select PickPoint in the dropdown under Geocoding > Geocoder
4. Click Save