Application Templates

An application template is a complete application configuration that simplifies application creation. GpsGate Tracking Partners use application templates to quickly create applications for new customers automating the configuration and minimizing manual tasks.

A template includes the user interface layout, selected reports, pre-defined user roles and tags, event rules, geofences, POIs, etc.

1. Create an application based on a template

1.1 Go to Applications > Create New

1.2 Select the Basic One template to create a standard vehicle tracking application. You can select another template to create an application with other predefined settings.

1.3 Enter a Name and optionally a Description for the application. Then click Next to move to the next step.

The following Templates are included with GpsGate Server:

Basic One

Application template for a standard vehicle tracking applications (recommended)
User Types Partial template with the user types Administrator, Device, Driver, Laptop and Operator. Suitable for synchronization with old applications that only have the Empty (Advanced) user type
Empty (Advanced) Raw installation without presets, mainly for development and testing purposes

1.4 Follow the next steps to create/select an Administrator user for your application

image2016-9-13 12:6:14.png

1.5 Set the Application Properties, Localization, Geocoding, Automatic Logout.

1.6 Click on Finish

2. Convert an application into a template

Applications can be saved as, or converted to, Templates. 

To convert an Application into a Template follow these steps:

2.1 Click on the application name

2.2 Go to the bottom of its properties and find Template

2.3 Select Save as Template


Convert and Save As Template/Application With the buttons in the bottom of the Edit Application view, you can create a Template from your Application in order to resuse it for other Applications - even ones on a different server installation.(see 'Export' below)

Convert to Template

If the application was specifically created to become a template, click this button to convert it to a template. Do not do this with a live application that is used by a customer.

Save As Template

When you want to use an existing customer's configuration for other applications, use this button. Once you've clicked on this button, you will be viewing the template instead (the copy), and 'Export' will replace 'Synchronize' (see below).

Editing a Template

Existing templates can be edited the same way as applications: select the Templates radio button on the Applications tab. When editing a template, the buttons will say 'Application' instead of 'Template' in order of reversing the process.


When editing an application, you can choose to synchronize it with a template. Note: this will overwrite the current application's settings, event rules, and more.


For templates, an Export button is available. This will export an XML template file that can be imported to a different server.