SMS & Email quota per application

You can set notification limits per application or at the server level, to prevent unexpected behaviours and avoid spamming.

  • The limit is turned off by default.
  • If the quota is exceeded, an email is sent to the address specified. If no email is specified, the default Site Admin user email is set by default.

Notification limits per application

1. Log in to Site Admin › Applications › Manage Applications › (choose an application)

2. Go to the Properties section.

3. Enable Email/SMS limits and enter a desired number.


4. Click on Save.

Set notification limits at the server level

You can limit the total number of emails the server will generate on a global basis.

1. Go to Site Admin › Account › Settings › Email

2. Enable the Maximum number of notifications here.


3. Click on Save.

Setting limits to multiple applications

1. Log in to Site Admin (legacy).

2. Go to Batch Edit (left menu).

3. Select Edit Properties. Click Next.

4. Set Quotas. Click Next.

5. Select Applications. Click Next.

6. Execute.