Customize your workspace

Workspace overview

Workspace is a specific layout of the user interface. You can have multiple Workspaces with different layouts for different tasks.

A Workspace keeps track of the following information:

  • A list of positions and sizes
  • Columns visible in lists
  • Sort order in lists
  • Current view

Default workspaces

By default, a newly created application comes with two different workspaces that you can select:

Manage Users

You can always go back to one of these two default workspaces from the Window menu > Workspace.

Manage Workspaces

In Manage Workspaces you can remove or select which workspaces you want to share with other users in the platform. You can also delete workspaces.

To access Manage Workspaces, select Workspace > Manage Workspaces


Workspace Settings 


In Workspace Settings, you can modify the Online status timeout. This parameter defines when a device is considered offline (when not reporting after xx seconds). By default, this value is set to 600 seconds (10 minutes).


Customizing your workspace

You can customize your workspace using the options in the sections below.

Add new panels

You can add/remove new panels in your interface by simply selecting options in the menu Window:

Drag and drop panels to other areas:


Add new columns

To add new columns, simply right-click on an available column in the Vehicles panel


Creating a new workspace

Once you've set up your new workspace, you need to save it!

To save your changes as a new workspace, select Workspace > Save As

Note: The shared checkbox is only shown if you're an administrator or have the privilege _EditSharedWorkspace for your user. This option will make the workspace available to all users.

Saving changes to an existing workspace

To save your changes, select Workspace > Save


Deleting a workspace

You can delete any workspace in Workspace > Manage Workspaces you created. Note: you cannot delete the default workspaces or shared workspaces not created by you.


Additional information

If you need to change the Cluster and Smart Label settings, follow this guide.