Map Layers

With Map Layers tool, you can show/hide map layers from the map toolbar.



The different kind of objects you see on the map in VehicleTracker are actually divided into s.c. 'layers'. For example: Vehicles is one layer, Events one layer, Geofences and POIs two other, etc. 

If you have a large application; hundreds of vehicles and events etc, your screen can easily get cluttered.

Here's were layers come in handy.

Examples on how the layer tool can help your daily GpsGate workflow:

- Hide the vehicle layer when you need to edit geofences for better visibility.

- Hide the events layer when you're trying to pick a vehicle.

To do so, select the layers icon in the toolbar:

If you have hidden a layer and try to interact with it you will get a notification message to remind you to turn it on.