Install a certificate in your server to provide a secure HTTPS connection

To support HTTPS on your GpsGate account you need to install a valid certificate.

This article is part of the How to enable HTTPS on your GpsGate platform.


  1. Set the Server Hostname (Site Admin > Settings > Server Hostname)
  2. Install a valid certificate that works with the server's Hostname (domain name)

You can obtain an SSL certificate for a domain from a trusted third-party Certificate Authority like GlobalSign.

Usually, you should obtain a password-protected .pfx file with the certificate and the public key.

1. On Windows, you can double-click on such a file to install it.

2. Follow the installation wizard. In the Certificate Store Location step, choose Local Machine, as shown in the picture below:


3. In the Certificate Store step, choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities, as shown in the picture below:


After the installation of the certificate is done, continue with the necessary steps to obtain HTTPS on GpsGate.