What3Words Geocoder

What3Words provides a geocoding and reverse-geocoding service which can be integrated with GpsGate.

Customers who provide services where street addresses are less common will benefit from a what3words integration. What3words (a geocoding system) assigns a three-word combination to geographic coordinates. You can pinpoint and share a location when an address isn’t available. For example, GpsGate’s office is at wooden.shadows.pictured



1. Go to SiteAdmin Plugins > Get More Plugins.

2. Change the repository to beta.gpsgate.com

3. Install What3Words Geocoder plugin.

4. Go to Maps > What3Words > enter the What3Words API key. If you do not have a What3Words API key, get one by signing up here (link).

5. Click Save

6. Enable the geocoder for your application under the application properties in Applications > Search and Manage > (your application) > Geocoding > Geocoder > What3Words


7. Click on Save to save the application properties.