Custom panel example: Users in a Geofence

Custom panels in GpsGate are mash-ups that use REST API resources. You can dynamically display data from GpsGate and other business systems in the Vehicle Tracker. In this article, we will describe how to right-click on a geofence and list all vehicles inside it.

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Custom Panels setup

In this example, we use a script resource that will create a mash-up panel. We recommend that you host all your custom panels under the ”\GpsGateServer\IIS\VehicleTracker\CustomPanels” folder on your GpsGate server.

Paste the content of the file in your local server in the following path:



If you have a hosted server, please contact support.

App Builder setup

The following step is to configure the App Builder and add the right-click script option for your geofences.

1. Select Admin > Developer > App Builder

2. Select + App


3. Add a name and a description and click on Save


4. Select + Click Script


5. Put a name to your new script and select in Kind the option GeofenceRightclicMenu


6. Click on Edit

7. Paste in the following code into the editor:

'https://myserver/gpsgateserver/VehicleTracker/CustomPanels/GeofenceUserPanel/geofenceuser.html?applicationid=' + + '&geofenceid=' +,
100, 100, 1300, 650

  • Where myserver is the URL of your current server. Note that you should use either HTTP or HTTPS in the URL according to how your server is configured.
  • Where appID is your application ID number. You can see this number at the end of the URL of your app.

8. Select a Geofence from your Geofence panel and click on Run Script button

Then click on Save.


9. Click on Save again


Now your script is ready



1. Select a geofence you want to count your vehicles on, and right-click on it.

2. Select your script previously created


As a result, you'll get a new panel with the new information represented in a mash-up style (the vehicles within the selected geofence)