Custom panels - overview

Custom panels bring all the data you need into the GpsGate workspace. Displaying data from other business systems in GpsGate lets you work smarter - there is no need to switch between programs and windows. Seamlessly display information from the other systems and apps your customers need.

Custom panels are built by combining the powers of REST and scripting. You can dynamically display data from outside systems and even pair it with additional GpsGate data. Custom panels provide additional functionality from your other systems with a built-in look and feel. End users get personalized panels in the GpsGate workspace with the information they need to do their jobs.

Custom panel examples

  • Embed a vehicle camera feed in your workspace
  • Display vehicle cargo information from a supply chain management or ERP system
  • View weather at vehicle location to determine driving conditions

Don’t stop there! We’ve only provided a few of the common use cases for customers above. With REST and scripting, there are millions of different custom panel options so you can always meet your customer needs.

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