Add a user as a member of another application

With this method, you will give users the possibility to belong to multiple applications at the same time. This is typically useful when:

  • If you want an Administrator/Operator to be able to log in into multiple applications.
  • If you want a device, to be present in multiple applications.

Note: this method is preferable when you have to specify a small set of users. If you want to 'mirror' a full set of user roles into another application, use UserSync plugin instead.

How to add any user as a member of any application

For this operation, you'll need to log in as a Site administrator user.

1. Log in into an application with your Site Admin user.

2. Go to Server Administration → Applications → Manage Applications.

3. Go to PropertiesAdministrator, click on the right to add a user. 


4. Select the user that will be a member of this application:


5. Click on Save.

6. To make the newly added user visible in the GUI, remember adding it into the right Tag (AdminTags).