Sending users alerts in the application with system messages

System Messages allow you to send messages directly to application users. For example, you might want to inform them about upcoming system maintenance. This can be done when they log in or as a pop-up that is pushed to logged-in users at a specific time.

Configure System Messages:

  1. Log in to Site Admin
  2. Navigate to “Applications / System Messages”
  3. Click on the “New” button
  4. Enter the information for each field:
Heading System message heading (special characters like ” [’<>] " are not supported).
Message Message content (special characters like ” [’<>] " are not supported).
Message Type Push - pushes a pop-up to logged-in users at the time specified in the “At Time” field.
At Login - shows a pop-up when users log in after the time specified in the “At Time” field.
At time Time when the message will be shown (as per the explanation above based on message type).
Application Tag Group of applications that will receive the system message. This is available only if there are applications tags registered in Site Admin > Applications > Application Tags.
Roles Roles that will receive the message. If an “Application Tag” is selected, Roles are from this “Application Tag”. If there are no “Application Tags”, all available Roles will be shown

  5. Save the System Message.

System Messages

Click on the “List” button to see all users that get this message and who has read it.

Message list

Note: If a System Message is edited and re-saved it is considered a new message. The list is reset and all users will receive the message again.

At the time specified (or at the next login after this time) a pop-up like this is shown to the selected users:

Sample message