With the plugin AppGeocoder, you can use a set of POIs and Geofences to use them for geocoding purposes in your applications. This allows you to avoid importing and displaying POIs and Geofences in your applications that you don't want to show. You can instead use them as a geocoder only.


1. Log in to Site Admin (Legacy)
2. Go to Plugins > Get More Plugins
4. Download and install AppGeocoder.

Geocoder setup

1. Create a new Geocoder in Maps > Geocoders
2. Enter a name (e.g. AppGeocoder) and click New

Once it's inserted, you need to click Edit again.

3. Select App Geocoder in the dropdown

4. Enter username,AppID as URL (e.g. "GeoUser,7")


5. Click Insert

6. Click on Save.

Set AppGeocoder as your new geocoder

1. Select your new geocoder by going to Site Admin > Applications > (click on your application name) Maps & Geocoders  -- Geocoder Section

2. Select the created Geocoder

3. Click Save.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 15.35.48.png
Note: the new geocoder works for all the applications except for the application that originally contains the POIs or Geofences. Don't use this geocoder for the original application.