Customize your platform

GpsGate allows you to customize your platform in many ways. You will be able to improve your company's image and satisfy your customers' needs.

Languages and Localization

GpsGate supports many languages and you can also customize the UI with your own terminology.

Each user of your application can choose his/her own language.

You can change the translation of any element in the Vehicle Tracker as well as localize your reports with the Localization Editor.


Custom logos and background colors are available at the account and application level.


Brand Fleet app

You can brand your mobile apps with your company logo.

How to choose between different maps and geocoders

In GpsGate, you can choose multiple map providers and different geocoding solutions. All supported maps and geocoders are listed here:



Vehicle Tracker application customization

You can customize your Vehicle Tracker application in many ways:


Use your own icons

You can import your own icons and use them in your Vehicle Tracker Application.

Report customization

You can customize your reports in many ways: the layout, the report’s content, or adding your own logo.


The new multimonitor plugin allows you to show multiple instances of a map on a different screen: Multimonitor plugin guide



Public GPS tracking on your homepage

You can share your application views on your webpage by using the feature Publish.

For developers

More advanced types of customization are possible with GpsGate.

The following links are meant for developers or advanced technical users: