Avoid getting too many speeding events

We have seen that many users set up event rules to trigger an alarm or email when a driver exceeds a specific speed limit, e.g. 100 kph.

One of the problems is that if the driver keeps a speed of about 100 kph (e.g. alters between 90 and 110), you will get a lot of emails/alerts.

To filter out most of the unnecessary events, you can add an End Expression. In Step 4 of the Event Wizard, click on Advanced and add an expression which says e.g. Speed Less than 80 

The exact steps:

Select Admin > Event Rules from menu.
Click "Add new Event Rule" (or edit an existing one)

Step 1. Enter a name e.g. "Speeding 100kph". Click Next.
Step 2. Select which Tags the rule is active for. Click Next
Step 3. Set schedule for when rule is active. Click Next

Step 4.

Select "Analog Expression" in the dropdown.
Select "Speed" "Greater" and then enter 100
Click on "Show advanced options"
Select "Analog Expression" in the dropdown.
Select "Speed" "Less" and then enter 80
Click Next

Step 5. Setup the Notifiers you want. Click Next and Save.

Now you have a rule that triggers at 100, and will not trigger again until the speed has gone below 80 once. The technical term for this is "hysteresis."

Handle false unrealistic speed values from tracker

You can sometimes get false triggers on the event rule because trackers can sometimes send up false unrealistic speeds. To remedy this, you can try some of the following things:

Add a max speed for event rule

1. Add an additional "Analog Expression" in Step 4
2. Set the speed for "Less" than 150 kph, or a speed that the vehicle will never
3. Select "Match all"
4. Save the rule

Now the event rule will not be triggered on false or unrealistic speed values sent from the tracker.

Delay start for event rule.

1. Select "Delayed event" in step 4
2. Select a value in minutes for the length of time the speed value should exceed the speed limit before the event rule is triggered
3. Click Save

If you, for example, have one update per minute, a value of 1 minute will require 3 updates before the rule triggers.