Custom border report

This guide will show you how to generate your own borders report (country, provinces, jurisdiction, etc.) similar to the IFTA report. This report is useful to know the number of kilometers/miles driven by your vehicles grouped by border and vehicle. The report has no impact on the usage of the geocoder.

Import/Create your borders

You have two ways to create your borders in GpsGate Server:

  • Note: the name you have used for your gefences (Geofences names), or imported KML border files that resulted in geofences, will be used later in the next steps. Remember to use the same names (they are also case sensitive).

Import and modify the TR2003 report

  1. Download and decompress this file.
  2. In Site Admin, go to Import > Import > and from the input box, select Template.
  3. Select only the TR2003 IFTA Report.xml file and click in Import.
  4. Make a copy of your TR2003 report in Site Admin > Reporting > Manage Reports > New (at the bottom)
  5. Once the report is copied click in View to edit the report
  6. In the report editor, click in Query Editor
  7. Now click in Report Queries > DistanceDetailed to visualize the query.
  8. At the right of the screen the [State] parameter should appear. Click in the button Delete at its right.
  9. Add a new parameter by clicking in Add Parameter
  10. Select in Parameter Type choose Custom Value. Parameter name: State. And select Multi valued option. In the Label and Value put the same names, which will be the names of the provinces you want to add to this report. It should match exactly the names of the Geofences that you put in your application. Add all the provinces you need in this stage. 
  11. When you finished adding the provinces click in Add and later click in Save.
  12. Now click in Report Queries > Main (left of the screen). Repeat the same steps from 8 to 11.
  13. When you are done, at the bottom click in Back to return to the report editor.
  14. Save the report (at the bottom).
  15. Activate your report in your application.
  16. Test your report adding tracking data with the device simulator or simply execute the report using the right parameters to retrieve the vehicles’ data if you already have tracking data information across the borders you’ve previously set up.
  • Note: If you make modifications to the report and test again in the application, you need to reprocess reports data. See how to do this here.


If you did setup your geofences with the right names and if your vehicles had been crossing these borders, you should get a report like this one: