TR2003 IFTA report - no geocoding needed

GpsGate Server provides an IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) report used to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction. This is a fuel tax report, listing all miles traveled in all participating jurisdictions.


1. Download and decompress this file.

2. Follow this guide to import geofences in an application using the KMZ file decompressed before. This file contains the geofences of the states in the USA.

Make sure you set Create a group for each named fence to > No


3. Follow this guide to import the report TR2003 IFTA Report.xml file.

4. Activate TR2003 IFTA report in your application.

Remove the geocoding option

If you are using geofences for geocoding, and do not want to include the State geofences, exclude the group from geocoding.

1. Right-click on the group and select Edit Group


2. Deselect Use in Geocoding and then save.