Mapbox installation

How to install

1. Sign up for MapBox at:
Create a new map project here:
(Needed in step 2).

2. Download the MapBox plugin from SiteAdmin > Plugins 

3. Go to SiteAdmin > Maps > MapBox. 
Enter your MapBox API Access Token (also called "Default Public Token") and Map ID (style) in the fields named access_token and map_id respectively. 
(Step 1).
(Some more default Map ID styles can be found here also: )

4. Go to SiteAdmin > Applications and enable the plugin for the application(s) of your choice. You do that in Privileges and Features  > Maps > _UseMapPlugin > MapBox.


- If you use a firewall please make sure this url-pattern is open: 

- Please check the MapBox data plans and choose according to your needs:

- While zooming, the map markers will not follow the animation until finished.