Geocodefarm installation

GeocodeFarm has different API service packages including one with 100 free calls. Check out for the pricing and how you can get an API key! GpsGate Server will cache all requests for you but if you find yourself going over the 100 free limit you can upgrade your Geocodefarm plan!

Steps to Install

1. Log in to Site Admin Legacy
2. Go to the "Plugins" tab
3. Download and install "Geocodefarm"

Activate Geocoderfarm in the application

1. Go to Site Admin › Applications › Manage Applications › Edit › select your application

2. Navigate to Maps & Geocoders

3. Select the Geocodefarm and Save 

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 14.35.05.png

Configure the API Key:

1. Navigate to Site Admin > Maps & Geocoders

2. Select the Geocodefarm 

3. Input the API Key and Save.