GpsGate notifications in Telegram

GpsGate allows you to customize your event notification preferences. Beyond email, SMS, and in-app notifications, you can also push notifications to the Fleet mobile application, and third-party messaging applications like Slack and Telegram.

To receive notifications in Telegram, follow these steps:

  1. Update your GpsGate platform to get the latest release.
  2. Within the Telegram application, open a new message with @BotFather and type '/start'
  3. After the @BotFather replies, answer with '/newbot'
  4. From there, you will create a name for your new bot. Once the bot is created, you will be given a unique identifier denominated as the "token" to access the HTTP API. This is a small example when you create the bot will look like this:


    For more on this process, see this link:

  5. Now in GpsGate it is time to configure the new notification. Navigate to the Event Rule Wizard and configure notifications.


    In the first box you will enter this identifier or token:


    Now, the second box could be different information depending on how would you like to receive the notifications. For example, you can receive the notification as a direct message to you. In order to do that, you need to identify your chat ID (try using @CHATIDBOT) . If you want to send messages into a channel or a group, you must assign your created bot to a group and give admin privileges. Once configured, you should test the connection.


    Lastly, you can create the rule to test your notification in the Event Rule Wizard. The result will look like this:


  6. You are now ready to receive notification via Telegram. For more details on Telegram's APIs, see here.