GpsGate notifications in Slack

GpsGate notifications can be sent in many ways so that you have the data where you need it and when you need it. Notifications can be sent to Slack in addition to being sent via email, as SMS, as push notifications from the Fleet app, or shown in-app.

To see notifications in Slack, you'll need to configure it.

How to configure Slack for GpsGate notifications 

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Create New App" and "From scratch"
  4. Fill in "App Name" - the notification from GpsGate will show as sent by this 'user'/App Name
  5. Pick a workspace to which notifications will be sent
  6. Click "Create App"
  7. On the page "Basic information" in section "Add features and functionality" select "Incoming Webhooks"
  8. Switch "On" in the upper righthand corner
  9. Click "Add New Webhook to Workspace" on the bottom of the page
  10. Select the conversation you want the notification to be published to. It can be any channel, group conversation, or private conversation you belong to.
  11. Click "Allow"
  12. Find the newly created webhook on the list and copy the Webhook URL, like ""
  13. Insert the Webhook URL to notification configuration - it is enough for GpsGate to send notifications to Slack

For more guidance, check out Slack's documentation.

Setting up the notification in GpsGate

In the Event Rules Wizard, select Slack in Step 5. Notifications.