Task viewer

With Task Viewer, you will be able to troubleshoot your reporting issues as well as being informed about what reports and applications consume more processing time in your platform.

Task Viewer usage

In Site Admin, go to Reporting -> Task Viewer


You will see there a Time filter, as well as Groups filter. Each group filter will let you decide how you want to see the results.

For example, if you filter per application, you’ll be able to tell which application is using more reports with the Sum Effective Time (the total time for all of them to process), as well as the Count to see how many of them have been processed.



Report Definition: displays the reports grouped by their name.
Report: displays the reports grouped by their report type.
User: displays the reports grouped by the users that have executed them.
Task: displays the reports grouped by the tasks that have executed them (Batch Processing, View, Email/FileSave Scheduled).
Message: displays the reports grouped by their execution type (direct or delivered).

  • Note: The filter can be used multiple times to sort information using the same filters described above.

Detecting issues in reports

Possible causes

Sometimes you may be able to find errors in your reporting framework. Some of the most common issues you can find are:

  • Not following the report best practices.
  • By executing or viewing the same report multiple times overloading the server with too many processing queues.
  • Customization errors for not follow the report customization best practices.
  • Wrong email recipients or SMTP server errors (SMTP server rejects too many emails, SMTP slow response, etc.).
  • The processing time exceeds the maximum allowed per application (in Site Admin under the application properties -> Quotas -> Report rendering limit).

Diagnose and action

Finding reports that consume too much processing time

If you want to know which report is the more demanding for your platform you simply have to sort your report queue by Effective Time. This time will tell you exactly how long the report has been processed. 


Total time is the Effective Time + the time taken into account since the report has been requested.
Task values are: 

  • Batch Processing: for the processes that has been queued (for example reports with saved settings and Email scheduled reports). 
  • View is for the reports that has been requested to be viewed inside the Vehicle Tracker application.

Improve processing time

If you want to improve your report processing time, you can do the following:

  1. Update your platform to the latest plugins.
  2. Allow only access to the reports the users really need (in Site Admin, enable only the reports needed under Privileges and Roles -> Reporting)
  3. Allow only certain users to execute reports (by using Roles).
  4. Limit the processing time of your applications if your users abuse the reporting framework without a reasonable explanation (in Site Admin under the application properties -> Quotas -> Report rendering limit).
  5. Review if your reports comply with the best practices and customization best practices.

Searching for errors in the queue

The first thing to do is to search using the filters described above - ordering, for example, by application and grouping by report.

This will retrieve the list of reports and which ones have possible errors:
If you click on the arrow from where the errors are found, you’ll be able to display the actual message containing that error.
If the error message is not clear enough, you can contact support for further help.