How to save Terminal data to file

How to save Terminal data to file.

Edit the file NLog.config under C:\GpsGateServer\Franson NMEA Service
Where "Username" is the Username of the vehicle you want to log.
And "Protocol" is the name of the device Protocol, e.g. "Teltonika", "Sensorlogic" or "Meiligao"

Add the following two lines inside <targets> and <rules>:


<target name="terminal.Username" xsi:type="File" layout="${longdate} | ${message}" fileName="C:\GpsGateServer\TerminalLog\${logger} ${shortdate}.log" />

... other targets ...


<logger name="Terminal.Protocol.Username" minlevel="Info" writeTo="terminal.Username" />

... other rules ...


Now you will get one file per day and device under C:\GpsGateServer\TerminalLog\