How to add Drivers to GpsGate

A driver is just a another user in GpsGate Server. A driver does not require an additional license in the platform. The driver user will be associated to the vehicle (device) that is reporting its ID. To generate a driver identification event in the platform need to use Event Rules.


The RFID/IButton ID’s are two different names for the same concept. They reference a number to be assigned to an specific driver and not to a vehicle. You need to input the RFID/IButton in the Driver properties and never in the Vehicle/Unit properties.
The association vehicle-driver will be done automatically by the Event Rule that we will setup in the following steps.


You will need a device that supports RFID/IButton functionality. Ask your device manufacturer or check for compatible devices here.


  1. Map the DriverID signal
  2. Create the user Driver
  3. Assign the Driver ID to your driver
  4. Create your Driver ID Event Rule

1. Map the DriverID signal

Inside your application, go to Admin -> Device Mapper and assign the Device Input signal to the variable in the right (in this case we chose Ibutton, could be any other, for example RFID).

Note: the Input in your device (left column) should normally be DriverID but could be any other input according to your device hardware. Check your device user manual or ask your device support to find out which is the correct input for your DriverID.

2. Create the user Driver

If you don’t have yet a Driver, you need to create a user with the type Driver.

Note: A Driver user does not consume a license.

3. Assign the Driver ID to your driver

Ensure when you create/modify your Driver, you are assigning the correct identifier (RFID/IButton). You can do that in the user properties, Driver Info -> Driver ID

  • Tip: Create a Tag called Drivers, add all drivers to this tag. Create a Tag called Vehicles, add all drivers to this tag. This is very useful when creating Views, Reports and Event Rules.

4. Create your Driver ID Event Rule

Now we need to create the event that is going to make possible the association between the RFID/IButton and the Driver created previously. This event is going to be triggered every time the user identifies himself in the car using a Tag or by any other means specific to that device.

To create your Event Rule, go to Admin > Event Rules

Set a name for your rule

Important: do not select any tag in this step. Leave it blank, otherwise the Driver ID event will not work properly.

Set the rule as Always active

In 4.Expressions, select the variable you have selected in the Device Mapper (usually Driver ID or IButton


In 5. Notifications, select Driver ID. Optional: If you want to add a label in the next step with the Driver name, you can add a new notification type Argument.

Note: do not add any advanced ending conditions for this rule, or the rule may not work properly.("Ignition off" should work, please address for more advice)

In 6. Presentation, you can leave this feature on (optional). You can even have notifications in the notification area (at the bottom-right of the screen). If you don’t need this map representation, unselect this option, it may speed things up in your server. Read more about best practises here


When the driver has identified him/herself in the vehicle the driver will be displayed instantly in the map over the vehicle icon.