Creating a Driver event for driver login detection

This article describes how to create an event rule that will detect when a driver has logged on to the platform.



1. A device that supports RFID/IButton functionality.

Ask your device manufacturer or check for compatible devices here.

2. A driver user created in the system.


1. Map the Driver input to a variable using the device mapper.

In your application, go to Admin > Device Mapper and assign the input signal to a variable in the second column.

The driver input is usually DriverID, RFID or Ibutton. Ask your device manufacturer support for further information about the right RFID/Ibutton inputs from your device.

You can assign this input either to Ibutton or RFID variables.


RFID mapping for Teltonika

Teltonika devices should rather use the inputs called RFID_ForDriverID. Map this input to RFID/Ibutton variable as the example shows:


2. Import the driver login event.xml rule.

Read more about how to import event rules.

3. Select the right input in the rule

Edit the Driver login event rule 4. Expressions and select the right input according to your selection in the Setup part, step 1.


Note: Both device mapper variable and event rule variable should match


Driver options in the event rule


  • Autologout at midnight: when a driver is logged into the vehicle on a given day, it will be logged out automatically after 23:59 on that day (the event will be finished automatically at 00:00 the following day).
  • Ignore zero-like data: many devices send the driver information only once or at certain irregular intervals and between these intervals they send the RFID/Ibutton value empty/null. If this option is enabled, these conditions will be ignored and still consider the driver logged into the vehicle.

Adding driver information to the Workspace

Vehicle panel

1. Refresh the browser after importing the Driver login event rule.

2. Add the column Driver name

3. Save the workspace.


Read more about how to edit your workspace.


To add the Driver name to the map, select Driver Name using Marker Attributes



The Driver login event rule, already contains the Driver name report attribute. To edit this variable, simply edit the Driver login event rule > 5. Notifications


Read more about report arguments here.