Creating a 'Driver' user

This article describes what a Driver user is and how to add one to GpsGate.

A driver is just another user in GpsGate. A driver does not compute as a vehicle. A driver user will be linked with a device that has reported the DriverID/Ibutton value.

The driver user should be created as a separate user from the vehicle. The driver user will have assigned the RFID/IButton number in its properties.

We use an Event Rule to generate a driver event.

Creating the user

1. Log in to an application

2. Select the Driver option.


3. Fill the Details with the driver information.


4. Fill the Driver Info details with the RFID/Ibutton number correspondent to the driver. This number should be unique and assigned to only one driver on the platform.

Check the RFID documentation about how to obtain this number.


5. Keep the _Driver role for this user.

6. Select an appropriate tag for this user (eg. create a tag called Drivers)


Read more about how to create a tag here.

7. Select an optional Accumulator and/or Image for this driver.


8. Save the user.

Now your driver user is ready to use.