User Actions feature to know who deleted tracks

To get to know who deleted a track, you need to use User Actions feature.

How to use User Actions

1. Login to Site Admin > System Tools > User Actions

2. Set Category to Tracks

3. Enter "removed" in the Message box.


4. Set a search period. Start and end date.

5. Click on Search button.

Now you see the action when a user deleted a track. You see the username. And you see the time stamp when the track was deleted.


If you want to see more data about the deleted track e.g. its start and end time, please click on View in the Data column.

Note: the _EditTrackAll privilege controls if a user can delete tracks or not. By default, only users in the _Administrator Role can delete tracks. Read more about using roles and privileges here.


To know which user and from which IP they logged in, use Activity feature.

To access Activity, go to Site Admin > System Tools > Activity you can see from which IP a user was logged in.