Geolocation feature

When invalid tracking positions are sent from devices, GpsGate can still position the device if the Geolocation Provider is configured for the specific device. The position is resolved based on CellID and/or Wi-Fi data. The device has to send at least one of them to obtain a position.

Supported devices

  • Atrack devices
  • Concox devices
  • FifoTrack Generic
  • GoSafe Generic
  • Meitrack P99G
  • Queclink devices
  • Teltonika devices
  • TZone TT18

How to enable Geolocation

Choose your Geolocation provider and follow the link instructions for each case. 

  • Google geolocation provider (link)
  • Telefonica geolocation provider (link)

Input Variables for Geolocation

For Geolocation, we will use below variables for retrieving the position information

  • CellID
  • LAC
  • MNC
  • MCC