Geolocation provider: Google

Read Geolocation introduction.


1. From Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins, install the plugin GoogleGeolocationProvider.

2. Get an API key from Google or from GpsGate for your legacy licenses.

3. In Site Admin > Devices > Geolocation, select GoogleGeolocation.


4. Input a Name and select Standard Key if you have a key from Google, or GpsGate-Google if you got your key from GpsGate.


5. Click on Save when you're done.

Now your device is added to the list. Make sure it is enabled after it's saved.


Enabling Geolocation to your device type

For the supported devices, you need to enable the Geolocation provider.

1. Select from Site Admin > Devices > Types and choose your device model

2. Under Instance > Geolocation, select the geolocation provider you set up before.


3. Click on Save.

Additional notes

In case no valid tracking positions are sent from the devices, GpsGate will try to position the device using the Google Geolocation Provider. For more info, see Google's guide.