Geolocation provider: Google

Read Geolocation introduction.


  1. Install the relevant Geolocation provider plugin GoogleGeolocationProvider and any of the above device plugins.
  2. Get an API key from Google
  3. In SiteAdmin, click on 1, 2 and 3 in the picture below
  4. Choose any name in 1, add the key in 2 and press 3 to save the provider. In case you bought Google Maps from GpsGate you select GpsGate-Google instead. The key is already saved.
  5. Click on 1 and 2 to choose GoSafe Generic or any of the above devices.
  6. Click on 1 to choose your added provider and 2 to save it for the device.
  7. In case no valid tracking positions are sent from devices GpsGate will still position the GoSafe Generic device after these steps are completed, thanks to the Google Geolocation Provider. For more info, see Google's guide.