New Vehicle Status (Beta)

Vehicle status lets you see everything about the vehicle on the map or in its own panel with specific information.

  • Customizable built-in toolbar (you can add buttons to trigger direct actions like: draw today's tracks, zooming in, sharing vehicle location, editing the vehicle, etc).
  • Display icon sets
  • Display event badges (like number of open events).

Vehicle Status Popover (Beta)

The popover vehicle status provides the information you need in a geographic context via the map.

Read the guide how to enable the Vehicle Status pop-over (Beta).


Vehicle Status Panel (Beta)

Read the guide how to enable the Vehicle Status Panel (Beta).


Planned improvements

This is an early version of the new vehicle status. We have plans for future development that will make this feature even more usable and customizable. It will eventually replace marker attributes.

As always, if you have feedback on the new feature, please send it to, and we will route it to the correct team.