Login screen displays 'Service Unavailable' or 'RoundTrip is denied database access'


When you try to log in to your GpsGate server on the main login screen, you receive the error message 'Service Unavailable'.


If you run an older version of GpsGate you might see the error slightly different as in the image below:

For Cloud Servers, please open a ticket with the GpsGate Support Team. If you have On-site server, follow the below instructions. 


When you check the error logs (in your server, the error logs are usually located in C:\GpsGateServer\ErrorLog) you'll observe the 'RoundTrip is denied database access' error(s).


1. Stop Franson NMEA service (Services panel usually located under Control Panel > Administrative Tools).
2. Delete the file on C:\GpsGateServer\Franson NMEA Service\BlockEnabled (if it exists).
3. Start the service again.